Building the Engine of Community Development in Detroit (BECDD) is an inclusive citywide process that will strengthen all of Detroit’s neighborhoods by creating a coordinated, effective and equitable approach for community development work in our city.  

The Building the Engine process is important and timely for Detroit's Neighborhoods:

  • The process includes virtually every organization with a stake in Detroit’s neighborhoods. 
  • It is a structured, thoughtful and disciplined process that focuses on the core elements of community development. 
  • It combines Detroiters’ insights with those of regional and national experts. 
  • It values the wisdom of local community leaders who have been doing this work for decades. 
  • It is committed to building trust and collaboration among all its stakeholders.

Phase 1: Partner Development 

The collaborative design of an ideal system including a working definition of community development and CDO roles within the city.

Phase 2: Pre-Development 

The collaborative development of each system element, based on the ideal system and informed by robust national and local research; and the design of a sustainability strategy

Phase 3: Implementation 

The launch/implementation of each system element via capable CDOs connected to GROs in every city council district and measured through publically available, open source data.

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