Call Community Development Advocates of Detroit at 313 832 4620 or visit CDAD at to learn about how the neighborhood you live in is connected to a block club,  neighborhood association or community development organization.  

Then, there are two steps you can take:

  • Get involved in that organization and ask them to participate
  • Join CDAD and come to their membership meetings and caucus meetings

CDAD is Detroit’s association of community development organizations (CDOs) and Neighborhood Improvement Organizations (NIOs).  We work to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of Detroit’s community - based organizations and initiatives and residents through advocacy, training, technical assistance, information sharing, education,networking,expanding financial resources and facilitating common action. CDAD is tackling a new vision for moving beyond bricks and mortar and working as the catalyst for the transformation of Detroit’s neighborhoods led and inspired by residents, community based organizations, and neighborhood stakeholders.

 If you are a professional community development practitioner, the organization you are affiliated should get involved.

  • Please post your thoughts and your interest on behalf of your organization on the BECDD Facebook page.   
  • Please contact CDAD at 313 832 4620 or at and let CDAD know that your organization wants to get involved in helping to build the community development industry in Detroit
  • Then, please make sure your organization is engaged with CDAD.  You can learn more about the initiative and how to participate by coming to the CDAD membership meetings and caucus meetings.

If you are a business or institution that plays a role in community development, please let us know of your interest via phone or email so that we may have a more detailed conversation. We will want to know which of these community development system elements you are interested in:

  • CDO Organizational Certification
  • CDO Capacity Building
  • CDO Operating Support or Other Philanthropy Support
  • Grass Roots Organization Capacity Building
  • Community Development Academic Tracks
  • Community Development Leadership Pathways
  • Community Development Research and Development
  • Community Development Without Displacement
  • Community Development Resilience Strategie